Topical Issues

Interactive Profiling
The perceptions of interactive media are changing as online campaigns continue to appear from world-class players. Running the spectrum from socially responsive messages to high-octane product rollouts the user experience that interactive media now offers is solidifying branding more quickly and globally than ever.

Organizations of all types and sizes benefit from the exposure that high profile enterprises receive. As developing technologies gain larger audiences the architects of interactive media share the breakthroughs in a vast community of designers and programmers focusing on user experience. One of my favorite interactive campaigns recently is that thoughtfully capitalized on integrated marketing techniques to get the word out.

By raising the bar on corporate ethics Dove was able to use interactive media, broadcast advertising, and community relations to drive home a contemporary issue. Not only is the politically correct messaging driving a sincere attempt to make beauty an inner personal revelation but also by raising quality of life issues the campaign serves to strengthen the bond between brand and customer through its value proposition.

If tracking the results of advertising is important then interactive websites have become the premier transparent medium to measure marketing success. Developers of interactive media are using cross media integration as a launch pad of integrity to create ever more interesting and persuasive campaigns. Here’s where profiling comes in to play. Via various online methods we can ask the pervasive questions like, What do you think this campaign says about this issue? Then we can view the Web traffic on a timeline paradigm to compare requests, responses, and associated marketing results. The monitoring process lets the campaign become our real time research and bypass the speculative focus groups.

Expressive interactive sites end up playing a larger role in focus marketing because the context for creating, managing, and measuring the user experience for interactivity can be easier to examine than in the past. Online campaigns are considered a mainstay for new media advertising because they strengthen the brand view as well as providing feedback on our most precious resource, our audience.